Had my first float today

I had my first float today and was very impressed, as a big guy that does ultra-marathons I put a lot of stress on my lower back, hips and knees.  The weightlessness of floating allowed me to really get a good stretch in that I just can't get on a yoga mat.  I spent the first 30 minutes just amazed at how well I could twist and turn and get loose, and then I let the calm kick in and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.  My breathing went deep and slow and it was just calm, felt very relaxed and refreshed when complete.  DL

Helped release chronic muscle tension

Went for my second float today.  It is really helping with releasing the chronic muscle tension.  Super relaxing and the space is gorgeous. J

Incredible! I wish I could float every day!

I have anxiety and depression and my mind was quiet and still for the first time in YEARS!!!  Not to mention the tension it took out of my back and neck!  I will be going back for SURE!  JW

Helps me sleep

I've floated before and was so excited to hear that there was one in Brandon.  I love being able to go in, relax, and leave feeling better, less pain, and actually sleep in the evening.  It was so nice getting a follow up call the following week to see how I was feeling and doing.  Highly recommend Natural Elements!

Helps my chronic back pain

Tried Float Therapy for the first time.  It was an incredible experience, and can already feel benefits for my chronic back pain!  Very nice facility and great knowledgeable staff!  KH

Improve Athletic Performance!

I just wanted to give you a bit of a testimonial after my Halotherapy and Float session.  I went out for a gravel grind on my bike later that day with a man 20 years younger than me.  We put on over 40 km and I broke 4 personal records, 2 of which put me in the top 5 over everybody and reduced my time by 18 seconds on a climb on Knowlton Drive.  This included every age and 2nd overall on another segment and there were over 100 people riding the segments.  I believe the Halotherapy opened up my airways as I was hardly ever out of breath and my legs were so strong.  The other guy I was biking with said "man you have very strong legs today.  Very impressive!"  I feel that is attributed to my float.  I told him about Halotherapy and Float Therapy and he and his wife will be booking with you shortly.  Chris

Halotherapy and COPD

Hi!  My name is Helene and I live in Windsor, Ontario.  This week while visiting my daughter and her family I went with her to her Halotherapy sessions at Natural Elements.  I suffer from COPD and was pleasantly surprised that after only 1 session I did not spend the first 1/2 hour or so of my day clearing my throat/lungs.  I have enjoyed 4 sessions and feel great.  I will definitely look into this modality when I return home.  

I've never experienced such a strong release from physical pain

Being someone that struggles with pain from both osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis, I was curious as to what floating could offer me.  I've never before experienced such a strong release from physical pain (and in only one hour).  Weightlessness is new and exciting to me - I'll be back to 'float away' again soon!  Thanks Kori.  Shawna