Dr. Jil Simmons

Dr. Jil Simmons, BSc ND, is very excited to be relocating her practice to Natural Elements Wellness Centre.

Dr. Jil has been practicing as Restore Wellness Clinic since June 2018 and before that spent 14 years working out of the Natural Wellness Clinic in Brandon.

Dr. Jil is a Naturopathic Doctor who believes strongly in the powerful combination of modern science, ancient tradition and treating the whole person that naturopathic medicine provides.  At Restore Wellness Clinic, you will have the time to tell your health story and together we will formulate a treatment plan that will be safe, effective and suitable for your lifestyle.  NDs look for the root cause of your health concerns through in-depth interviews, physical examination, standard medical testing, and cutting edge testing (such as hormone, heavy metal, SIBO or genetic testing).  We seek to get to know our clients as whole people, rather than just symptoms of disease or disorder.

Naturopathic medicine uses treatments rooted in nature - Nutraceutical supplements, Botanical or herbal medicine, acupuncture and other physical therapies, counselling/coaching, therapeutic diets, and ideally fundamental lifestyle changes to support you in your journey to your best health.

We recognize that you are an individual who has your own unique set of health concerns, you are starting on your healing journey at your own spot and evolving at your own speed and we want to provide customized healthcare to reflect that!

Restore Wellness accepts patients of all ages and will work with the rest of your healthcare team (MDs, DCs, RMTs, etc.) to help support your needs.  We carry a small dispensary of professional quality supplements for your convenience with brands such as Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs, Genestra, Bioclinic Naturals and more.  We are thrilled to be sharing space with Natural Elements as Dr. Simmons believes strongly in the therapeutic power of both halotherapy and float therapy!


Naturopathic Doctor - Jil Simmons

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